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Freetown day 1

I’m staying with our friend Francis who is the founder of the NGO that we are working with here in Freetown. Francis and his brother is together running a school and a NGO called Conforti. His brother Christian is in in charge of the school and Francis oversees the NGO.

I started the day by visiting the children in school. Every morning before school starts they have an assembly where all pupils and teachers gather to sing and pray together.


After visiting the children in school, me and the staff drove to an area in Freetown called Culvort which have been affected by the flooding. The flooding has affected many areas in Freetown and different NGO: s has responsibility for different areas and Culvort is the area that Conforti is responsible for. I met the community-chef in Culvort who told me about the situation there. He said that the biggest problem right now is that so many people don’t have a place to sleep and people are now sleeping in schools, mosques and churches. The staff showed me around in the area so I could see all the damage that the flooding have caused and it was heart-breaking to see. Many houses were destroyed and the ones that was not destroyed was so filled with water so it’s not possible to live there.

Me, the community-chef and Foday from Conforti
In the flooding area, Culvort
A woman with her 3 week old daugther in Culvort


In the afternoon, we headed to Regent which is the area that was affected by the mudslide. It was in the morning of August 14 that a slice of rocky mountainside loosened by heavy rains and crashed down from the mountain onto the regent community. Boulders and mud rolled over this suburban area, demolishing homes and streets. Torrents of water flooded communities farther down the valley, leaving them devastated as drenching rains continued to fall.


It was a terrible sight to see Regent. As the video above is showing the mudslide has destroyed the whole community. No houses is left in the community. Little more than 600 people have been found dead but there is still about 600 people missing. Those missing people are probably berried down under the mud.

We also visited a centre for the mudslide-survivals that the ministry of health and sanitation have set up together with UNICEF. Many of the children that stays in the centre are orphans and don’t have a home to go to because of the mudslide.


I had a long day out on the field and it has given me a much bigger understanding of what have happened down here. Tomorrow we will arrange a donation for affected people. Our focus on the donation will be children. Since the flooding and mudslide have destroyed all personal belongings many children don´t have school things such as books, pens, schoolbags and uniforms so we will provide them with a package containing those things.  We will arrange two donations, one that will target 50 children in Culvort where the flooding has occurred and one that will target 50 children in Regent where the mudslide occurred.